Embracing the ‘Slow Fashion’ Movement

At last there seems to be a growing backlash against ‘Fast fashion’ which I applaud. Fast fashion is cheap clothing and accessories that are so worthless they end up becoming single-use items. Many are simply thrown away, contributing to the massive carbon footprint of the fashion industry. There used to be a definite seasonality to fashion but now there are new items being launched every week and we are pressured into thinking we must always have the very latest styles.


Like the move away from disposable coffee cups, shoppers are beginning to take more care over their fashion choices and are thinking about the ethical and environmental impact of the retailers they buy from. Our desire for cheap, throwaway items is costing developing countries dear, with poor working conditions and non-existent control of chemical processes.


So have you thought about where your high street handbags are made, how the workers are treated and what environmental protection there is for the land and waterways around the factories?


I’m proud to consider J D’Cruz handbags to be part of the ‘Slow Fashion’ movement, emphasising quality over quantity, longevity over disposability. Of course, we still live in the real world where new clothes and handbags make us feel more confident and look good. I, like so many, love to shop, but if we buy good quality, timeless pieces and look after them, we can say goodbye to this fast fashion craziness and build up a healthy, quality wardrobe.


The beauty of a J D’Cruz handmade bag is that you know exactly where it is designed and made. You can still have a bag to suit many occasions and uses, from a small clutch to a large tote, and they can last a lifetime if well looked after.


It’s great to see well-loved J D’Cruz bags years after their purchase, don’t forget that you can drop it in to the studio for a leather reprint refresh for just £10! I help you take the best care of your bag and can even change or add a colour to your favourite, giving it a whole new lease of life.


If you’d like your handbag purchase to make you feel good and fancy a little trip to the Cotswolds, from this month you can find a selection of J D’Cruz bags and accessories at Armed & Gorgeous in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. This independent boutique stocks a fabulous range of unique fine jewellery pieces from British designers, along with scarves, beauty products and home wares. It’s well worth a visit.


Alternatively, drop by and browse the J D’Cruz collection in our Banbury Studio or online at www.jdcruz.co.uk