Southwark Mini Tote! Our new range of bags for £149

J D’Cruz has done it! Recently we set out to make a mini tote bag for less, that was just as beautiful, unique and elegant as the others.

Our current small and large tote bags range from £240-290. They have leather pockets on the outside, a leather engraved J D’Cruz label and the original print continues onto the strap. To achieve this new affordable tote simplicity was key.


The new Southwark Mini Tote is a simpler bag design but still has the detail and finesse of our handmade J D’Cruz prints. We’ve been able to achieve this affordable bag by using less leather and less stitching. But don’t worry, LESS certainly means MORE! By designing a bag with less, it showcases more of our unique hand printed design.

No 2 are identical and each print is unique.



  • The bag is roughly 13” - We made sure it fit a MacBook, which is a bonus!
  • It’s super light as it uses less leather
  • Thick strap for comfort
  • Fits nicely under the arm
  • Real leather
  • One of a kind hand printed J D’Cruz designs
  • Less stitching to show the unique J D’Cruz print off

We’re very happy to launch this tote bag at £149, we hope this makes you happy too!

Click here to buy the Southwark Mini Leather Tote or pop into our Pop Up shop on Parsons Street.