Spring Clean Your Handbag!

As we emerge from the gloomy winter months, our thoughts turn to spring cleaning those forgotten corners of our house. Although it might not be quite time to pack away the gloves and scarves quite yet, this is the perfect time to get our wardrobes and accessories all sorted and ready for sunnier times!


Are you guilty, like me, of using your handbag as a winter dumping ground for all sorts of junk? From beauty products and hair accessories to tissues, hand cream and mints – our handbags become the home for all manner of strange ‘useful’ items, not to mention the sweet wrappers, receipts and broken pens.


Now is the time to be brave and delve into the deepest, darkest corners of your bag and give it some spring cleaning love and attention! Not only do the contents need sort out but the outside could probably do with some care to bring it back to its former glory.


Do you like to change your handbag with the seasons, to downsize or change the colour of your bag for spring? We need to decide what’s really vital and what is only fit for the bin:


  1. Lighten the load – empty out your bag’s contents and clear away all the rubbish: loose coins, empty lip glosses, used tissues, crumbs, etc. Sort the remaining items into beauty products, toiletries, children’s stuff, etc. Decide what’s essential for your new, smaller, handbag. 
  2. Squeaky clean – wipe the lining of your bag with an anti-bacterial wipe or spray and leave to dry turned inside out. Stubborn stains might need an extra scrub with a damp cloth and stain remover.
  3. Give it some love - if you love your bag and can’t bear to be parted from it, treat the exterior leather by massaging a little rapeseed or baby oil into it (try on an unseen area first). If it’s a J D’Cruz bag you could drop it in to the studio for a leather reprint refresh for just £10!
  4. Winter to spring – time to swap out the cold and flu remedies and woolly gloves for hayfever eye drops, sunglasses and sun cream! Spring is also a great time to reassess your make up essentials – change the colour palette to spring colours and get rid of that old mascara!
  5. Keep it separate – there’s nothing worse than having to rummage endlessly for everything in your bag. Why do the car keys always end up in the furthest corner?! If your bag doesn’t have lots of pockets, try organising the different items into smaller pouches or holders, and be consistent so you can find them the next time you’re rummaging!



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