What women really want this Christmas!

Christmas Gifts For Women

Handbag lovers everywhere – Christmas is fast approaching and if you don’t want to experience that sinking feeling of opening up yet another perfume, ill-fitting undies or worse still, a kitchen appliance – it’s time to start dropping major hints about what you REALLY want for Christmas this year!


Sometimes, the people that care about us the most don’t always know what to get us for Christmas. So if you’ve had your eye on a unique J D’Cruz purse, clutch, saddle bag or tote, you need to tell your family and friends to head online or down to our shop for inspiration and assistance.


Jasmine will take the time to talk about the lovely leather items and offer advice about the different types of bags and other gifts so that your husband, parent or friend can pick something that suits you, your wardrobe or your special event. And don’t worry, if it’s not completely the right thing, you can easily exchange it after Christmas.


If your ‘gifter’ is the type to weigh up all the options and take their time over a festive purchase, they can browse through all our handmade leather goods online. All purchases are gift wrapped and dispatched to arrive next day, for free. Hopefully they’re not last minute shoppers though, to be on the safe side order before 22nd December to guarantee delivery or perhaps come and pick up in person?


If you think a shop visit might be a bit daunting or an online purchase might not be suitable, why not suggest that your special someone gets in touch with Jasmine via Facebook, email or the website, to create a gorgeous gift voucher for any amount they wish – that way you get to spend it on exactly what you’d like and you have up to six months to choose!


Fancy having a go at creating your own masterpiece in the form of a printed leather upholstered chair? You could request a place at the next Workshop as a unique Christmas gift. With homemade cakes and lunch included, this is the perfect antidote to the January blues as it takes place on 20th January at our Parsons Street studio in Banbury.


So be sneaky or be obvious – whichever approach you think will work best! Leave a list lying around, or leave this blog page open on your ipad to make it as easy as possible for your significant other to be in no doubt about what you’d really like this Christmas!



Handbag lovers, it’s time to implement Operation Christmas Handbag! Choose your dream bag at https://www.jdcruz.co.uk/