Where to next? Our best bag for your dream destination

One of the best things about the start of a new year is creating a wish list of exciting travel destinations and holiday plans for the year ahead! Whether you’re dreaming of a round-the-world adventure or a short trip in the UK, January is the perfect time to start planning.


On my wish list for 2018 is to visit a new city. Cities are easy to get to and are great fun for a short break. My favourite city is Paris, I love soaking up the style and the atmosphere as I wander around, plus the food and the shops are awesome!


I also plan to have a relaxing holiday somewhere hot, like Portugal. I love it there – the unspoilt beaches and authentic local food – that’s another one on my list for this year! I’m not a big fan of returning to the same spot year after year, I love the thought of exploring new destinations.


So what makes the best handbag for travelling? It should fit everything you need for your journey without being cumbersome. If you’re going to be out and about on your trip carrying a handbag whilst away, you need it to be comfortable, stylish and effortless. The best travel handbag should also have sturdy, safe straps and buckles that can’t easily be tampered with.

 London Rucksack Travelling

Wherever you’re heading on your travels, the right bag is a must to make you look and feel great. A unique J D’Cruz handmade rucksack with room enough for all your travel essentials in gorgeous, hand-printed leather is a great choice. With a rucksack, you can be hands-free for essential map-reading, this is an investment piece that will be your trusted travel companion for years to come!


And what’s more, it’s our bag of the month for January and is just £249 if you enter the discount code JANUARY at checkout.


To make sure your passport turns heads at the airport too – add a J D’Cruz handmade leather passport holder to your packing list. In different, unique prints, they’re just £45 and carefully store your boarding pass and travel documents, as well as your passport.


Other than choosing the best looking handbag and passport holder for your travels, the most important issue you'll have to deal with is probably security. It’s a fact of life that even the most seasoned travellers are victims of street theft. The best time for someone to steal your bag is when you're busy doing something else. When you’re admiring the view or taking the ultimate selfie, pay attention to your bag too, and never leave it unattended – tie it to your lunch table and make it as hard as possible for thieves to strike.


Whether your travel plans are for long or short haul this year, make sure that your most important accessory is beautiful, practical and enduring! Visit www.jdcruz.co.uk for more inspiration.

Rucksack Model London Handmade Leather Bag