Why do we love our handbags so much?


Everyone knows that I’m addicted to handbags, otherwise I probably wouldn’t do this job! There are many of us out there – either closet bag collectors or brazen exhibitionists parading our collection. From a huge, back-breaking tote to a teeny lipstick-carrying clutch, where has this obsession come from, why do we find a coloured leather receptacle so very desirable?!


Over the past century or so, as women have gained financial stability and independence, our handbags have become a unique statement of our status and style. As women started leaving the home for leisure and work, bags became a useful way of carrying essential possessions. The glamour of rail and sea travel caused an explosion in the popularity of fashionable luggage and the modern leather handbag was born. 


So what is it about a handbag that makes some people happy to spend as much as a holiday on one, while the rest of us are left drooling over designer bags in glossy mags? Here’s why I think a handbag has become our most treasured leather friend:


  1. There is a bag for every occasion – whether we’re going shopping, to a party, the movies, college or out for a coffee, there is a bag to suit every purpose and we’re being environmentally friendly by reusing them.
  2. A good handbag adds style to an outfit – coming in a vast array of colours, shapes and sizes, our bag completes our outfit.
  3. Handbags are a safe and secret place – somewhere to keep our personal and private possessions, rifle through a woman’s bag at your peril!
  4. We have a lot of stuff to carry around – where else would we put our purse, keys, umbrella, make-up, water bottle, phone, spare shoes, book, etc. etc.
  5. Pockets in our clothes are inadequate or non-existent – and if we filled them with stuff we’d look lumpy and odd.
  6. Our bag illustrates and illuminates our personality – a stylish bag is a thing of beauty and a wonderful conversation starter, especially for other bag lovers.
  7. Handbags hold their value better than anything else in fashion – pass your designer bags down to your daughters as family heirlooms or sell on to other collectors.
  8. Most important of all – a beautiful bag makes us feel good and stand out from the crowd!


Whether you love a crazy one-season style or a functional long-term friend, let’s celebrate the mystique and complexity of our relationship with our handbags! For bag lovers everywhere, J D Cruz offers a mouth-watering collection of uniquely designed and handmade leather bags. Check them out at www.jdcruz.co.uk or visit our studio shop at 54-56 Parsons Street, Banbury.